Reasons ladies should eat more bananas during their periods



Among the worst moments in a woman’s lifetime is during her monthly periods.

The pain that comes with periods can be unbearable and irritating.

The uterus tends to contract and the lining sheds during menstrual period.

Hormones produced usually trigger the contraction of the uterine wall which in turn cause severe pain.

When it comes to alleviating period pain, we know that diet play a major role, notes Niya Jones, MD, MPH, a cardiologist

Depending on what you eat, the condition can worsen.

Certain foods like bananas have been proven to ease and relieve the pain symptoms in a jiffy.

Bananas are highly enriched with vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesium.

They are believed to be fat and sodium-free.

Vitamin B6 may help to replenish the amount of blood lost during period.

The nutrient may also edge off the pain by controlling menstrual hormones that cause uterus contractions.

Bananas have been laced with high-quality potassium, a nutrient that plays an integral role in staving off water retention in the body.

Women tend to lose some water when on their periods hence the need to have more bananas.

Bananas may also prevent diarrhoea during menstrual periods.

The fibre, potassium and magnesium in bananas improve bowel movement in the stomach.

Always consider taking bananas during your monthly periods for betterment.

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