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Meet the only tribe in Africa that allows women to marry many husbands



In cultures where this form of marriage exists, it is believed that by letting one woman marry two or more men, the population growth of humans will be limited and child survival will be enhanced.

In this text, I’m able to assist you to understand all you really want to know about the unrivaled African extended family that gives women to wed numerous companions.

Wodaabe men perform the “Yaake” ritual dance as part of the Gerewol, a week-long courtship ceremony in Chad. It must be one of the only African cultures which allows girls to take the lead in choosing their fiancé and even married women have the right to take a different man as a sexual partner.

Wodaabe means “people of the taboo” – these are subgroups of Fulani and Tuareg, who have migrated around this part of Africa for centuries. Here a Wodaabe man wakes up as dawn breaks in the Sahel desert – his donkeys and very basic shelter his only possessions.

Girls who’re hitched have the option of choosing a new man to be their life partner. Partner housebreaking is a regular exercise in this extended family, and it is usually most crucial throughout the Halloween party season. This is an annual event in which the younger men dress up and put on cosmetics to position themselves as first-class men.

The primary position for that is to attempt to dazzle the partners of diverse parents at the same time as taking part in this opposition.

In this culture, all the men have equal rights to her as husbands and as fathers to all her children.

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