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‘We are Indebted To NLA-KGL’ Story, We Got It Wrong-The Punch Newspaper Apologizes

We deeply regret ever publishing a story  with heading ‘We are Indebted to NLA-KGL’ in our Monday 12 April,2021 edition.
The actual headline supposed to read “WE ARE NOT INDEBTED TO NLA-KGL’ but we made a mistake for not adding’not ‘ to the headline , making the entire headline sounding negative  to the  KGL brand.
We hereby render unqualified apology to management and staff of KGL and our cherish readers that it was an unpardonable mistake but not deliberate.
Below is the Correct headline and the genuine story itself.
The board and management of the KGL group has refuted reports of their indebtedness to the National Lottery Authority.
 According to KGLin a statement, alleged that the unsubstantiated claims emanate from an expose on the NLA activities by a private media house.
“The KGL group wishes to state categorically that it is neither indebted to or has defaulted on payments.
 KGL group as an accredited digital lotto marketing company remains committed to the  NLA as the single largest revenue contributor and one of the biggest contributors to the consolidated fund, as well as doing its bid to support the welfare of sister lotto marketing companies and consistently engaging management and union of the authority “. It added that, the various accusations are designed to dent the cooperate image of the NLA and KGL..
” These accusations are the latest attempt designed to mislead the descerning public and bring the corperate image  of the NLA, KGL and its accredited collaborators to disrupt. Accusations the KGL group takes very seriously and will refrain from making public comments on at this time as these are sensitive contractual issues with legal implications “.
Source:The Punch Newspaper/Ayisah Foster

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