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Stop  Giving Microphones To Wrong Voices-Media Told



Some media practitioners of today have deviated from their core mandate of the profession called journalism and have resulted in handing over microphones to anybody at all they come across on the street to speak on issues of national interest.
This barbaric kind of  journalism characterized by some radio and TV stations in the country must stop.
Journalists are to educate,inform and entertain its listeners but the kind of journalism some radio stations are practicing nowadays doesn’t add any value to the development of the Nation.
Some radio stations in the country just hand over microphones to  wrong people without considering the negative implications it will have on authorities and the nation at large.
People who don’t have knowledge on issues of national interest are now entertained in the airwaves.
People who lack the capacity to talk on issues are being entertained on fm stations given wrong information to the general public which in effect brings division and to an extent of causing the removal of people from their highly acquired position.
By this write up, I will use the opportunity to talk a bit on the Kumasi traders and that of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly.
You and I know very well that, pavements are made solely as walkways for perdestrains  and roads are constructed solely for vehicular purposes.
Where on this Earth will traders be allowed to ply their trade on pavements and inside the roads?.
It is nonsense for traders to trade on pavements whiles we have satellite markets available for use.
Isn’t it nonsensical for journalists to entertain wrong doers on the airwaves knowing very well that the activities of traders plying their trades on pavements and roads are illegal and can cause accident and other misfortunate incidents.
Why would journalists still give the microphone to a trader who doesn’t obey rules and regulations governing the city and yet go ahead to blame city authorities when the city is choked with this kind of illegal activities.
By Ayisah Foster/
And Editor,The Punch Newspaper

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