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Are you suffering from high blood pressure, cardiac problems, eczema and more? Check how to cure it




Cardiac Problems:

Infusions of leaves in HOT water when taken remove bad sugars and toxins from the blood, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and balance heart pumping rates

High Blood Pressure:

It relaxes erratic heartbeats and balances blood pressure. * Research shows that the intravenous administration of neem leaf alcohol extract significantly deduces blood pressure

Eczema :

Dried leaves are burnt on red hot charcoal and covered to cure eczema grind the leaves and mix with lemon or lime, and rub them on the spot. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash off and antifungal cream.


Pound a few handfuls of seeds, add water, mash and filter out the solution with a clean sieve. Use to spray your crops.

As a Contraceptive:

Neem is a natural contraceptive; it blocks spermatogenesis(the production of sperm cells) without affecting the production of testosterone. It is thus believed to be an ideal contraceptive for birth control as it is natural, available, nontoxic and affordable to almost all

Neem oil can be used as a spermicide.

It’s applied deep in the vagina ( intravaginally ) before sexual intercourse. It kills sperms and prevents pregnancy


Leaves are rich in antioxidants. They help prevent cancers and are also used against developing cancers


Take teas of neem leaves or barks to treat indigestion

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