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I’ll Deliver Quality Service When Elected As Secretary-Nicholas Donkor Assures

Nicholas DONKOR, aspiring constituency secretary for Juaben has assured polling station executives of the delivery of quality service when he is voted for in the upcoming constituency executive contest.
Popularly known as Wofa Nico, the aspirant at several meetings with polling station executives noted his desire to present to them humility in service.
He intimated that the secretary position in the context of political office is strictly administrative.
” I promise to show unbridled commitment to serve at the office I am seeking to occupy with humility and diligence so that the party would remain attractive to every person who is resident in Juaben and propel it to maximising its votes in the upcoming general elections in 2024″, Wofa Nico stated.
Wofa Nico said he would operate an open door administrative style.
This, he noted would make him an easy person to approach, adding that ‘this is what party members admire’.
He noted his decision to operate with the mindset of a diplomat where no matter the case, the dialogue approach would be deployed.
“I believe in using dialogue in resolving and discussing issues and as a person who has served in various capacities in this constituency I would use that approach which is mostly used by diplomats to operate my office when I am voted for as constituency secretary “, the aspirant stated.
The calm aspirant also declared his intention to provide leadership by empowering polling station members with requisite training.
These training and skills development,he explained would be tailored towards addressing the knowledge levels of polling station executives on their mandates.
Periodic refresher programs regarding election management and party organisation would be carried under his tenure, the aspirant promised.
“I believe the most effective way of helping our party is to upgrade and update ourselves on the workings of polling station executives and constituency officers so that we become alert to everything that comes up regarding party management and elections so that in 2024 we can win the general elections and hold on the power for better governance of the country”, Wofa Nico stressed passionately.

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