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Road Minister’s  actions demonstrate government’s incompetence



Mr. Agbenya Precious, a political activist and a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has stated that the attitude, inactions and the continuous inconsistencies on the part of Mr Amoako Attah ,Road and Highways minister and other government machineries are clear demonstration of the incompetence of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP)  in the management of the economy.

According to him, arrogance posture of  the Road Minister and other government appointees  is getting out of hands and must call to order, since they are paying with the taxpayers monies at the end of the month.
He argued how the Road Minister could ordered the close of the Toll boots across the the country which is yet to be approved by Parliament.
Mr. Agbenya was also worried over the recent comments made by the minister to turn the toll boots to a urinal and toilet facilities for passengers and travelers which call for the public outcry before he was shamefully tried defending himself by claiming he was been took out of context or misquoted.
He lamented that, the NPP government can never be oblivious of the fact that, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) made it clear to the Ghanaian public that, they IMF have given the current NPP  government that about 500 million US dollars to fight the COVID-19 in the country Ghana.
When we are suffering to get money to get portable drinking water, the NPP government is just taking and spending monies  any how without considering the consequences of such corrupt practices. The youth of this country would ensure the government to account for every pessewa  spent unlawfully especially with the COVID 19 monies
How heartless and insensitive could you be to we the ordinary Ghanaians for  misappropriating monies and  to continuously imposing obnoxious taxes and unreasonable ways of generating taxes.
He stressful that, the NPP government must note that, the 52 million US dollars reported missing and had been transferred into unknown account be accounted for.

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