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Ashanti Region :300 herbal practitioners schooled



  Close to three hundred herbal practitioners in the Ashanti Region of Ghana have been schooled on how to apply modern medical apparatus at their various herbal centers.    The move is to give members the chance to have knowledge on how to use modern medical equipment in their herbal centers. It is clear that most of the herbal practitioners though have modern medical equipment for treatment but have less knowledge on how to use them,this and other factors hinder smooth and quick health care delivery.    Speaking at the event this afternoon at the SSNIT house, Adum – Kumasi ,Mr. Stephen Osei Nyedua, regional director, Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC) noted that, as herbal practitioners the is the need to get continues development programs that will broaden the knowledge of its members to improve their services at various point of call.    According to him, the association organizes workshop training for its members at least once in every year. He said the workshop will build the mental capacity of members and help them to learn new things that will improve the quality of their work so as to have good and quality herbal products for its clients.    He revealed that, the association has a program dubbed ‘Continuous Profession Development’ that helps bring efficacy, broadens knowledge and improve the working standard of its members.    The workshop also seeks to educate herbal practitioners on how to welcome clients, especially the sick,how to give proper medication and other things that  makes someone professional in his field of work.    He hinted that, because of modernization, alot of modern medical equipment have been introduced to the herbal centers so the is the need to have continuous education with members on how to use the modern equipment in health care delivery.    He called on members to be extra careful when prescribing medicine to clients because they hold client’s lives.    On his part, Mr. J. K Takyi, second vice national chairman, GAFTRAM advised members to be mindful in the herbal business and ensure that they always give the best of product to the public.    Source /Ayisah Foster   

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