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Auditor’s General Report: Tempane District Assembly lavished GHc 27, 201.00 on DCE’s Bungalow renovation


According to the 2021 Auditors General report, it has been revealed that the Tempane District Assembly made a payment of GH¢27,201.00 to a contractor in charge of the renovation of the Temapne District Chief Executive Bungalow at Kugrago, for no work done.

The report says, “Regulation 78 of the Public Financial Management Regulations, 2019 (L.I.2378) states, a Principal Spending Officer of a covered entity is personally responsible for ensuring in respect of each payment of that covered entity the validity, accuracy and legality of the claim for the payment”.

“We noted during the projects inspection that, even though certain aspects of the bill of quantities for the renovation of the Tempane District Chief Executive’s Bungalow at Kugrago was not executed by the contractor as confirmed by the Assembly’s monitoring report, the Assembly paid the sum of GH¢168,111.30 instead of GH¢140,910.30 resulting in payment of GH¢27,201.00 for works not executed”.

However, the Auditor General has recommended for the recovery of the amount paid for work not done from the contractor, failure of which the amount be recovered from the District Coordinating Director, the District Finance Officer and the Works Engineer.

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