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Avoid Too Much Intake Of These 2 Things To Avoid Appendix


The cecum is a small tubular part that connects to an intense part on the right side of the body and is of no use to humans.

Symptoms of appendicitis are:

The classic symptoms of appendicitis include:

Pain in the lower right abdomen or pain near the navel moving downwards. This is usually the first sign.

loss of appetite

Nausea and vomiting immediately after the onset of abdominal pain.

No gas can escape

Appendicitis is a medical accident awaiting unexpected help. See a doctor or go to the emergency room right away if you think you or your child may have appendicitis.

Your doctor can help you treat appendicitis and reduce symptoms and possible complications.

Among cases of appendicitis, appendectomy experiments with undigested fruit seeds and plant residues were examined retrospectively with regard to their etiology.

Histopathological features, age, sexual intercourse, and morbidity and mortality parameters were also used.


Fruit seeds with the presence of pus in the lumen of the cecum were found in one case (0.05%) and undigested plant remains in 7 cases (0.35%).

It was found that in 2 cases of plant remains there was inflammation of the cecum, and in 5 cases there was obstruction and lymphoid hyperplasia of the lumen of the cecum. No deaths were observed.

Rates of plant-induced acute appendicitis are minimal in all appendicitis patients, but avoiding eating undigested fruit seeds and chewing plants well can help prevent appendicitis.

Acute appendix, consumption of fruit and vegetables, bezoar, fruit seeds

Acute appendicitis, which occurs in almost 7% of people, is an acute appendicitis.

This is the most common infection that requires immediate surgery.

Obstruction of the lumen of the appendix is ​​the main cause of appendicitis.

The etiology of acute appendicitis is found in fecalitis, lymphoid hyperplasia, fruit and vegetable seeds, barium obturator and tumors of the colon and appendix.

In our study, we examined cases of undigested plant residues and fruit seeds.

Avoid the acceptance of these two things;

1. Local Rice

2. Porous (Orange) seeds.

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