By-election cash could’ve settled NaBCo, Buffer Stock arrears – Mahama to NPP



Leader of the opposition NDC John Mahama has chastised the governing New Patriotic Party, saying, it only prioritizes its electoral fortunes rather than governance.

The former President cites the introduction of what he calls poorly conceived projects and the government’s spending of resources to allegedly buy votes in the recent elections in Kumawu and Assin North, to back his claims.

His comments follow a recent protest by some food suppliers who picketed the headquarters of the National Food Buffer Stock Company to demand payment of their money owed them.

Mr Mahama who was addressing members of the Tertiary Education Institutions Network – KNUST chapter (TEIN – KNUST) said these resources could have been used to settle such arrears.

“The NPP government’s response [to these issues] has been the adoption of short-sighted and ad-hoc, poorly conceived programs that have done more harm than good.

“NaBCo trainees have been abandoned and are owed many months of salary arrears. But we all know that the NPP lacks prioritization because I daresay that the money that was spent in buying votes and building ad-hoc roads in Kumawu and Assin North could have cleared all the arrears of the NaBCo trainees and also cleared the arrears of the buffer stock food suppliers”, he said.

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