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CEO of Casta Diva Foundation organizes Iftar for DASA members, other groupings at TaTU



The Chief Executive officer of the Casta Diva Foundation, Hajia Fauziya Hudu has organized Ramadan Iftar for DASA members and all Muslims at the Tamale Technical University.

The maiden iftar (breaking of fast) was well attended by Muslim students of the University, the Tamale Technical Institute and other groupings.

Addressing the gathering, Hajia Fauziya noted the need of giving back to the society, stating that it make the world a better place.

Hajia Fauziya encouraged students of the Technical University and the Tamale Technical Institute to continue pursuing their ultimate goal, and not allow certain factors curtail them from achieving those dreams.

This according to her is achievable when they take their studies attentively, devoid of unproductive fancy lifestyle and laziness.

She mentioned that each individual in the world has a purpose of living, hence the students should unearth their talent and work towards it accordingly.

Hajia Fauziya further advised the students to build good relationship with each other as they’re still in school, because they may need each other in the near future.

The President of the Association, Mr. Hassan Nantogma thanked Hajia Fauziya and her team for the mouth watering Iftar, he described the CEO as a selfless woman with golden heart.

“We pray that, Allah protect her and replenish all that she has spend in the preparation of the Iftar, and to her team, may they continue to remain loyal to her”.

Mr. Hassan was quick to appeal to philanthropists, sons and daughters of Dagbon to assist members of the Association clear off their school fees.

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