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Chamber of Automobile Dealership Ghana (CADEG) Not part of Luxurious Car Theft Business



The so called stolen cars that the EOCO and the security agencies are talking about is true that they have track all these cars that have been shipped to Ghana. Luckily all Chamber of Automobile Dealership Ghana (CADEG) Group none is involved.

The Facts is as is going on peoples are having doubts abouts where to buy cars and doubting about most of them in this business of stolen and indeed no body in CADEG is a member or part of this, we are telling the public that, there are certain cartel in the system that need to be clear.

Mr. Eddie Kusi Ankomah, Chief Executive Officer of Erata Motors in an interview with the media yesterday said, its unfortunate you’ll buy a car and using the car for six or seven months and along the line police officer, EOCO, or Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division) will stop you and say your car is a stolen car, knowing that you’ve bought the car and have checked the duty is paid and everything is done.

Is very pathetic, the cartel is that most of the people out there, especially in canada, they will sell the cars that they have to the fraudsters or they’ll ship their cars out of the country and they’ll report that their car is missing to the insurance companies for them to make claims.

After the insurance companies make payments to them, the insurance companies themselves will look for the stolen cars so they’ll track where these cars have been send to, that is why they found out most of these cars have been send to Accra, Ghana.

We are saying that, if you buy a car that is so expensive and indeed your car is missing at least within 24 hours, you report to the police and the police will do their best for the car to be track down, but this is the situation when in the process of taking your car to the shipping yard to put in a container is not a day’s work.

He said no one can do that quickly, police or the canadians could have track down all these cars there, but because these guys in Canada or in the USA are part of it. That is why this things is ongoing on and no body cares, because they know that after all they’ll get their insurance.

Another thing is that, you’ll will buy a car and know that you’ll pay for the car on the internet or your family members over there whom you trust, you can send money to them to buy it for you.

After your family members buying and shipping it it to you in Tema, Ghana and you go there to clear it, you’ll pay for the duty and all this that you’re doing, the Customs here will check your certificate that the car is cleared and that you bought and sometimes is recorded on the bill, and is on the manifest that this car is coming from coming from here.

So at the end of the day and if all this is done and the car has gone to Accra Ghana and you pay.duty of huge sum of money and somebody come over and.tell you that the car that you’re driving is a stolen car is not the best.

In other for customers not to go through this process as soon as this happened in December 2022, we had a stakeholders meeting at the Erata hotel which I own for the discussions to go on.

Stakeholders such as EOCO, CID, Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division), Ghana Standard Authority and all who matter in this were invited. At the meeting at Erata hotel they had fruitful discussions and found out that they will be solution to this to minimise it.

Interpol said they have a list of stolen cars on their system, so in the nutshell so anybody that is doubting any car that you buy and is of luxurious and you that your mind, you can call them or come there and they’ll check for you and make sure the car is not listed.

And if this done and later if something happens because is not clear that themselves have reported, probably is not reported over there, and if this is done and later something happens, which could happens they know how to talk about it.

Because it has been about two or three months, so we were given timeline’s that should any body poses a car now, and the date that the car has been cleared been here and so for is to be justified and the car has been here for six months and not reported is not and EOCO list that is stolen, even the EOCO boss can be a victim, because the
car she uses that is not know where the car came from and her staff as well.

So in order not to have all these things going on back and forth within this, our brothers and sisters and Ghanaians who are spending money, we are saying that CADEG Group are in co-operation with all this stakeholders and having a meeting to educate our people on how this things cannot be happening in our garages.

In this country, if you’re a car dealer and and you want to improve your business come and join us, we are free and our doors are opened, we are having series of meetings and so for we won’t sit down for our country to be blacklisted and this is one funny thing.

If you’re in a family and they say only person is a thief among you, and that all in the family are thieves no body will accept it, so we won’t sit down and accept it even some people are making money out of them and that they’re some innocent people among and all this things we are trying to fight that is not everyone is into this.

All those who are innocent people must be save of their money, so that we have our mother Ghana for us all, and to all CADEG members should protecting the integrity and we are ready to do business….Story by Bugbila Moadow.

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