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US court shares marital assets in “Bannor Versus Bannor” divorce suit



A Ghanaian Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Philip Yaw Bannor has lost majority of marital assets to his estranged wife, Dora Bannor.

The Judicial Circuit Court for Hamilton County in the State of Tennessee in the United States of America has awarded majority of the real estate, estimated at $915,000 owed by Dr. and “Mrs.” Bannor in Ghana to the estranged wife.

The said estate include a Kwaming château, Pokuase House, a House at Medoma in Kumasi, two developed plots and four undeveloped plots at Prampram all estimated at $915,000, according to a verified Statement of Assets and Liabilities filed by Dr. Bannor before the court  on September 4, 2020.

Dr. Bannor, who serves as the Regiatrar of thr Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has been practicing Internal medicine since 2001.

Granting a divorce suit against Dr. Bannor, the court presided over by Jeffrey W. Hollingsworth on January 21, 2022 based its verdict on “inappropriate conduct” of Dr. Bannor.

Judgment was also entered in favour of Dora Bannor on account that Dr. Bannor absconded to Ghana with most of the family’s money  and allowed the family home to go into foreclosure.

The court noted that Dr. Bannor has no credibility and ordered that all marital property in the US be awarded to Dora Bannor and that all marital liabilities are the responsibility of Dr. Philip Bannor.

The Registrar of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) is also to pay a total of $2,686 which had accumulated to $4,378.00 plus interest in arrears of child support as well as a monthly alimony of $1,000 to be paid to Dora Bannor from the Medical Clinic owned by Dr. Bannor in Hamilton County in Tennessee in the US.

The entire Vanguard account of the value of $185,000 as at January 2019 has also been awarded to Dora Bannor.

In respect of the over $300,000 of marital assets Dr. Bannor invested in Menzgold which act was regarded as a “theft”, the court ordered that the value should be divided equally to the parties if the investment is liquidated.

The court also upheld that each party should keep household furnishings and motor vehicles in their possession.

On February 21, 2022, the defendant filed a motion for a new trial (retrial) of the divorce suit.

Robert N. Meeks, the defendant’s attorney stating grounds for a new trial indicated errors in admission of evidence making the ruling not backed by evidence.

The motion also mentioned that the Court had classified the defendant’s (husband) assets as marital and that the division of marital property and assigning is was not equitable.

The court, on March 7, 2022 denied the motion for retrial on the grounds that it is evident that Dr. Bannor had “abandoned” the wife and children.

It, however, suggested that the defendant had the option to appeal within 30 days following which Dr. Bannor has conveniently appealed and the suit still
pending in the US.

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