Chief Nurudeen calls on Gov’t to collaborate with China to improve Ghana’s agriculture



A National Service Personnel in the Tamale Metropolitan and former chief of the Tamale Technical University, Ibrahim Nurudeen has appealed to government to collaborate with nations that has chalked success in agriculture through advanced technology.

According to him Africa has about 60 percent of the arable land available for agricultural purposes, yet Ghana have food insufficiency.

He revealed that China has nine percent of the world’s arable land, but they’re feeding themselves and about 25% of the world population with enough cereals, including rice, wheat, and grains.

“Am convinced that China and the Chinese people are doing something different to get to where they are today, in the late 80s China use to borrow money from Ghana, what has change. This means that it is important for us to strengthen our ties and cooperation with such countries to improve our production.”

Addressing Journalists at his private office as part of this years farmers day celebration, chief Nurudeen said the youth of Ghana will only show interest in Agriculture if advance and accessible technology is made available at the local level.

He revealed that owners of farming equipments such as tractors, combine harvesters, corn machine and among others are charging local farmers exuberant fees, this he said, is making the agric sector unattractive to the youth and the marginalized.

Chief Nurudeen who’s a youth activist further appealed to foreign investors, civil society groups to support the Akufo Addo’s government planting for food and jobs policy irrespective of one political affiliation, stressing that the policy has made great gains.

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