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Ghana In Serious Leadership Crisis?-CDG GH Questions

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH), and the citizens of Ghana are worried; not knowing where our leadership crises is leading us.
On the basis of our research and  comparative analysis, the frequencies of needless Police and Army brutalities,  the culture of silence, reckless killing of citizens, misuse of public funds, the arrogance of state capture and the barbaric politicization of state institutions are all characteristic elements of bad governance and leadership.
Ghana stood at a cross road, seeking to establish its socio-political identity and to chart a sustainable path for socioeconomic development and progress under JM.
However since 2017, our country under Nana Addo has taken to a destructive path of uncontrolled borrowing, languishing in pervasive corruption scandals; with a national debt at 310 billion ghc; covering 78% of GDP. Ghana is now at the rank of high risk debt distress.
The economic developmental process is passing through an incurable hic-hoc with caution from IMF to borrow responsibly. Besides our hard won democratic credential is being depleted by conservative dictatorship.
All Die Be Die
Akufo Addo`s Government is extreme Conservative with widespread dictatorial ramifications.
The build up of private militia, vigilantism, police and army brutality and intimidation; kidnapping and killings, torture and brutalizing demonstrators are all suppressive elements of rightwing conservative  dictatorship practiced by dictators like Musolini of Italy, Franco of  Spain and Hitler of Germany.
 These were dictators who pushed the world into the second world war.  Looking at the  “ALL DIE BE DIE” mantra, we do not have to be prophets to predict we are being pushed into possible civil war.
Occupy Ghana
In 2017 the democratic  governance process was replaced overnight with “Occupy Ghana” where  family, friends, relative and party stalwarts coagulate to rule.  Akufo Addo went on to collapse traditional pillars of democratic governance as established under the constitution.
In his attempt to consolidate his hold on power, he flooded all positions within the Judiciary and the Executive arms of government with his relatives and friends. He has politicized the media, Electoral Commission and many civil organizations and made them subordinate to his egoistic interest. By so doing, he has reduced democratic governance into abject dictatorship. In the event any of his cabals are exposed or found corrupt, he clears them of any wrong doing.
We now find ourselves in a country characterized by leadership crisis, where:
political party-trained militants have become part of national security, violating rights of citizens and shooting with impunity.
the Attorney General and some members of the SC are cohorts and relatives of the President  and hence work for family interest not the State. Thus obliterating justice.
“cronyism” of family and friends is the order of the day, paving way for an infantile financial reform  that  collapsed 420 banks and caused over 700,000 job losses.
rule of law has become a mere slogan, reversing the gains of our democratic governance,
free SHS, after five years, is still struggling with basic logistics and infrastructure and critical financial assessment, thus making the sustainability of the project still uncertain.
private sector initiative now means killing existing companies  and replacing them with companies of cronies.
inability to create jobs has led to floods of unemployed in addition to over 600,000 being chained out yearly from our schools and Universities into an arena of desperation and helplessness.
The fight against Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) has come to a point where Ambassadors are hoisting flags of Lesbianism and homosexuality at residence of Ambassadors at their meetings. This is nothing but  mandatory madness.
It is in the face of such a myriad of socio political and socioeconomic uncertainties and near confusion and madness in governance that Ghanaians are crying for a change in leadership.
Suffering Masses
The suffering masses now refer to Nana Addo as “clearing agent” , an advocate of  unfulfilled promises and a fascist who is oblivious to the suffering and concerns of the people. Under his Government, fuel prices have severally gone up. The latest increase was 10%. Water bills increased by 2.2%, electricity rates have gone up by 5.94%. Food and commodity prices have gone up, transport prices have gone up.  Besides, unplanned and uncoordinated taxation is the order of the day. Communication taxes  have gone up by 9%  making life unbearable for the ordinary man on the street. This is an example of bad leadership and bad governance.
 Corruption Scandals
In spite of the high unemployment rate, the tax payers money is being recklessly managed. On a trip to France in June, in spite of presidential jet, Nana Addo chartered a  luxurious class aircraft offered by Acropolis Aviation; one of most expensive, aircrafts costing 15,000 pounds an hour. The aircraft was used for 23 hours. It thus cost the Ghanaian tax payer a colossal 345,000 pounds, which gives a net cost of 2, 828,432 .00 ghc. The trip would have cost Ghana less than 15%  of 2.8 million ghc (= 420,000 ghc)  if he had opted for Ghana`s available presidential jet which is in top condition.
As a result of judgment debt due Ghana Power Generation Company and West African Gas Limited, Ghana has lost a total of 1,8 billion ghc through unlawful abrogation of contracts
As a result of the burning of excavators and mining equipment , Ghana is paying 25 million ghc to various small scale operators.
As a result of buying Covid-19 vaccines from dubious middlemen, at $19 instead of $10, and packs of tissue papers at 175ghc per pack,  Ghana has lost several millions of dollars.
Nana Addo`s  blatant  disregard to the plight of the people allows him to pay his spouse and that of Dr Bawumia a total of about 12 million ghc
From Flagstaff House scandals  to AMERI contract; from ESLA bonds to Digital Addressing System;  from  $100,00 seat by the President to the BOST scandal; from China Star Time  to Kelni GVG scandal;  from Charles Bissue, a presidential staffer`s scandal,   to the two Deputy Chief  of Staff scandal;  from Australian visa scandal to bribes received by Nyantekyie; from the corruption scandal by former Managing Director of Maritime University to the  fraudulent agreement that led to the selling of ECG to Power Distribution System (PDS);  from award of contracts without Procurement review by the CEO of the National Youth Authority (NYA)  to Ken Bond. From the loss of 500 excavators to selling of gold from galamaseyers. All have been swept under the carpet.
Ghana is Bleeding
It will not be possible to list all the 110  corruption scandals for time limitation.  The above are enough to illustrate that Ghana is bleeding under Nana Addo. On one hand, the  tax revenue is underperforming by 2.4 billion relative to projections; on the other hand, the expenditure is galloping.  Akufo Addo alone  has within five years  borrowed 108 billion, which is being put into consumption instead of production.
The CDG-GH would want to advice, that wild unfulfilled promises calculated to win election is not politics and hence cannot lead  to leadership. Leadership is all about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. The key word here is “inspiring” ; not the use of police  and army brutality and lies. Above all the most important qualities of Leadership are Integrity, social justice, accountability, probity, humility, vision, empathy and communication. Without these, a leader is empty and must resign.
                                                                          EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CDG-GH
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