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Christian Atsu’s Twin Sister Atsupie Breaks Down At Kotoka Airport, Moves Away From Brother’s Casket



Christian Atsu’s twin sister, Christiana Atsupie Twasam, was overwhelmed by emotions as her brother’s mortal remains arrived in Ghana.


Atsu’s body, in a casket draped in Ghana colours, arrived at the Kotoka International airport

The twin sister, who had travelled to Turkey earlier, was part of the delegation that brought the player’s remains.

In videos which have been trending online, Atsupie has been spotted in a gloomy and melancholic mood.

One of the videos had her leaving the tarmac where the casket containing her brother had been placed. She donned a hoodie to cover her face with one lady following her.

Later she was spotted sitting in the lounge with the hoodie off. She was being consoled.

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