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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Before You Turn 30yrs


Below are some common mistakes you should avoid before 30;

1 Avoid “kissing”. I have noticed that nowadays young people indulge in sex friends, instead of devoting themselves to preparing for their future, to work. Get married and then “make love”.

2-Avoid trusting so-called friends too much. It cost me depression (everyone laughs with you when everything works, but the day you have a little problem you realize that it is only your parents).

3. Not exercising is going to mess up your health long-term.

4.Excessive partying and neglecting bedtime destroy your sleep cycle, which is very unhealthy long-term.


Buying a dream car unless you’re rich already will pull a lot of money out of your pocket that you could use for investments instead to accelerate your journey to wealth and independence.

6-If you are a worker, avoid spending your change on boxes, lotto games (it does not lead to anything). Instead, save for a substantial retirement.


Visit your parents (frankly, they are the ones who have supported you all your life, just visit them at least once a month).

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