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FACT:If your girlfriend refuses to do the following it means she doesn’t love you


First and foremost, her communication patterns change. If she doesn’t call to hear your voice or check in with a text like she used to, it could mean she doesn’t care about you like she used to. If that’s the case, she might seem closed off or withdrawn during conversations or avoid giving you her full attention.

Secondly, She might not prioritize you or take the time to listen to how you’re feeling. People in love want to share their ups and downs with their partner, and be there for their partner’s triumphs and trials. If she’s not connecting with and supporting you like she used to, her feelings about you might have changed.

Third, If she’s not investing time into your relationship anymore, she might be falling out of love.This is especially true if she’s making lots of plans without you and spending more time with her friends than she used to.

Third, she always criticizes you. Your girlfriend may be more critical than she used to be if she’s focused on the negatives about you or your relationship. If everything seems to be your fault and every little thing you do annoys her, your relationship could be in trouble. When someone loses that respect and kindness for their partner, it’s a sign they’re not feeling the love like they used to.

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