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Concerned Youth Of Aowin Applauds President Nana Addo For Retaining  Samuel Adu Gyamfi As The MCE

Headed by Samuel Ayensu, Secretary ,Concerned Youth  of Aowin in the Aowin municipality of the Western North region has applauded the president of the republic,His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo for retaining Hon.Samuel Adu Gyamfi as the MCE to serve another four years in his government.
The group  is of  full of praise to the President for re-nominating Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi  to serve his second term in office.
With a  pledge to work to consolidate the gains so far in order to break the eight in unity of purpose.
This was carried in a statement signed and issued at Enchi,the municipal  capital  on Tuesday 21st September 2021 .
It said, ‘the chiefs and people of Aowin   are very happy for accepting the choice of their MCE, who has what it takes to bring the much development for the people”.
“The re-nomination of Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi    is an indication of the trust the President has in him and the entire leadership of the party in the constituency. It said.
According to the statement, Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi , together with the chiefs, opinion leaders and the rank and file of the party, had worked hard to translate the vision of the President, which was to transform the lives of the people, into reality.
The statement said under the leadership of Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi, the constituency had seen tremendous improvement in the provision of social infrastructure in the areas of health, education, road network, sanitation among others, which were helping to transform the lives of the people.
It called on the people to continue to rally behind the district assembly and the MCE to initiate and implement programmes and projects which would help speed up the development process in the area.
The statement also called on the assembly members to throw their unflinching support to the MCE and overwhelmingly endorse him to continue with the good works to promote the socio-economic transformation of the area.
It again stated that the constituency executives and all supporters of the party would support the MCE when confirmed to spearhead the development agenda of the government and for the good of the Municipality.
Aowin  constituency is noted for its high vote base for the NPP in both Parliamentary and Presidential elections.
This can be attributed to the vibrancy and dedication of the MCE and  executives of the party when it always come to mobilizing the grassroot members of the party .

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