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Court jails gang 73 years for rape of British volunteers



A gang of three has been sentenced to a combined 73-year jail term for robbing and raping some British volunteers at gunpoint.

The trio had pleaded guilty to all charges of conspiracy, robbery, rape and possession of firearms without lawful authority.

A High Court in Accra sentenced each of them to a maximum term of 25 years jail term.

Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzuh said the convicts will serve their jail term with hard labour.

The three were accused of committing the offences at a guest house in December 2018.

They were arrested after being identified through footage from an ATM machine where they had gone to withdraw money using bank cards they stole from the victims.

Police caught up with them after triangulating one of their phones.

The third suspect, who prosecutors say owns a Nigerian passport, fled to Nigeria but was extradited to Ghana for prosecution.

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