Why TI Amass  Senior High School,a Senior High School situated close to the Kumasi Sports Stadium within the Kumasi  Metropolis in the Ashanti Region do well in terms of Sports has  been revealed.

The secret behind the school’s consistent winning of trophies and awards from  Regional , National and International is the consistent patronizing  of M.Y CAESAR LINA Energy Tea and food supplement,a product of MY Caesar  Company limited located at Former ‘Adehyeman’ Gardens in  Kumasi.

This was revealed in a citation of honour presented to the CEO of the company,Dr.Caesar by management of the school during the celebration of the school’s 70th anniversary held  last Saturday in Kumasi, Ashanti regional capital.


“Sir,you are remembered and honoured today as real Amass celebrates her 70th Anniversary, for the special support you continue to give to the school, especially in the area of sports,that has brought the school to its current state.

Real Amass indeed is very proud of you.”signed by Alhaji Abdul Wahab Issah, Board Chairman,T I Amass SHS.

Speaking to Dr.Caesar yesterday at Jofel Catering Service where he officially unveiled the citation to journalists,Dr.Caesar asserted that his product is good for the physical well being of every Ghanaian, especially Sports men and women.

He said,the Lina energy tea when taken helps to strengthen the muscles and gives you energy for sports activities.

He revealed that,his outfit has been supportive to most of the schools in the region.Adding ,he has been a consistent contributor to the Otumfuo Educational Fund which is doing well to support most students in the country.

His outfit provides health support, financial support and emotional support to students and Ghanaians at large.

On Balanced Diet. 

According to Dr. Caesar,a balanced diet helps in getting maximum health benefits for our bodies. ‘Food supplements have a lot of useful benefits which has been productive to the TI Amass school team.

He said,when taken in addition to consuming food, they enable you  to derive your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals he noted  help protect the body from diseases; hence supplements can offer added “insurance” that helps one in meeting daily recommendations of vitamins and minerals needed by the body, especially in those who do not eat a healthy, balanced diet.

 Some Ghanaians are hesitant in taking food supplements but ‘supplements can contribute to improved muscular strength, boost the immune system, endurance and overall physical performance,’ says Dr Caesar.

Dr Caesar is one of the leading advocates of the intake of food supplements for a successful healthy living and has since backed this up with the establishment of M.Y. Ventures in Kumasi in 2005.

 Dr.Caesar hinted, the company’s line of food supplement products cater for the needs of both men and women and also children. The products help in the detoxification of the body, provide nourishment, burn fat and reduce cholesterol. The company also offers natural herbs and food supplements to patrons who want to lose weight or boost their energy levels. He makes the point that the busy work schedules and multiple tasks performed by some workers make them get tired easily and this affects productivity. According to him, there are supplements to ensure that such people are well conditioned to carry out tasks successfully. 

He points out that many Ghanaians spend most of their time working or carrying out tasks indoors and hence they do not get enough sunlight exposure which is the most abundant natural source of vitamin D. Many Ghanaians, according to him, are grossly deficient in vitamin D, an important pro-hormone. It is important to have a good and balanced intake of supplements rich in vitamin D. 


Dr Caesar asserts that modern food supply is harshly imbalanced when examined against fatty acid composition. In order to balance things, it is important to eat more oily fish such as salmon or take food supplements. Doing so will help reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation and also support brain health and cognition.

When foods are not eaten raw or fermented, according to Dr Caesar, they usually lack the enzymes and bacterial composition for proper digestion. The over-reliance on antibiotic drugs and the excess consumption of “junk” foods can lead to bacterial imbalance in the gut and eventually lead to chronic diseases.  

“Our digestive health is largely dependent on magnesium,” says Dr Caesar. Having been in the business of ensuring healthy living for clients and patrons, his conclusion is that many Ghanaians are deficient in magnesium which is vital in keeping things moving. The lack of magnesium makes people experience headaches, energy loss, prone to diseases such as bone loss and organ failure. The intake of food supplements rich in magnesium can help in avoiding health conditions that result from the lack of magnesium in the human system”, he said. 

Source:Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster

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