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Dr China’s fever grips Ashanti NPP ahead of national executive polls



DR. CHARLES Dwamena, popularly known as ‘Dr China’ is a former deputy ambassador to China.

The accomplished medical doctor by profession, is seeking to become national treasurer for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He is in competition for the single slot with three other persons namely ; Mary Posch, Dr Tedem and Collins Nuamah.

Having toured fifteen regions of the country to sell his vision to the delegates, the former diplomat is in the Ashanti region to kick start a five-day campaign exercise.
The exercise which kicked off on Tuesday and expected to end on Saturday, started with a meeting with regional, Tescon and some constituency executives in Greater Kumasi.
At the said separately held encounters , ‘Dr China’ as he is affectionately called was mobbed and held in high esteem by delegates.
The well- acclaimed fundraising technician, went had a difficult time to put his message of hope and revival across to NPP faithful n all the meetings.
This was due to the merry making and enthusiastic chants, emanating from the ecstatic crowd from the ‘king makers’ in all the meetings.
Even before the commencement of proceedings, the delegates in all the meetings held so far chanted “ ‘Dr China’ wo mu a eye” to wit ; it is preferable if ‘Dr China’ is in the helm of affairs.
Snippets of information gathered indicates, delegates across the country, particularly, the Ashanti region, are excited about the candidature of the former deputy China Ambassador, because of his long held track record of fund raising and management.
Touted as a gem in funds mobilisation and management, ‘Dr China’ was instrumental in fund raising activities and administration in the NPP, ahead of the 2016 elections.
He was a prime engineer of the Sino-hydro loan facility from China, which has been used for financing vital capital projects in the country; including -the famous Tamale interchange in the Northern region.
Making the delegates fall and assure him of their unflinching support and vote, the national treasurer hopeful, spoke against the continuous neglect of the party’s faithful, especially at the grassroots.
To address the long-witnessed anomaly, the NPP national treasurer hopeful, laid bare two comprehensive policy initiatives out of his fives.
He mentioned the institution of party business initiation and welfare fund as the two main initiatives of his administration, when voted into power, in the upcoming national exercise slated to be held from June 15 to 17, this year.
Dr Dwamena explained to the delegates that the 2024 elections would not be about the stature of the presidential candidate the party will present for the polls but rather the state of the welfare of the party’s support base.
Against this background, he stressed that he was the perfect candidate for the treasurer position.
This he touted was because he possesses the qualities of a good fundraiser and manager to sufficiently and efficiently handle the finances of the party, both in power and opposition.
The former diplomat noted that his administration will focus on party business development and larger welfare issues.
His argument, which was wholeheartedly, agreed to was that, if the welfare and business development needs of the party faithful are competently addressed, the party could win power irrespective of the presidential candidate.
This, he intimated was because, when the structural base of the party is happy, the party becomes solidified and ready for victory in all polls.
Dr China, promised to lead an administration that seeks to revitalise the financial base of the party to a force to be reckon with in future activities.
Having been convinced by the narrative, the delegates present in all the meetings reaffirmed their unalloyed support to Dr China’s candidature.
A national treasurer of the NPP like any other political party in the country, is a chief financial organiser and administrator of that political party.




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