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EDITORIAL: Charles Brafo-Anakwah Asks—Why Now?



I think the aggrieved Ashanti caucus MPs who are now raising issues about their Region’s “poor state of affairs” have acted rather too late…..The problem is with the MPs themselves….They’ve lost touch with their constituents.

These aggrieved MPs should learn lessons from their colleagues in the other Regions who are doing so well in their constituencies.

They have one secret: Down to earth. Their constituents hold them in very high regard because they feel their MP is one of them.

Those adored MPs understand grassroots politics. They know their people and their people know them. Period!!

If you are an MP and your people don’t feel that you’re one of them then you’re in trouble.

They should go to those MPs whose ratings are high and learn lessons from them. Their secret is that they are always in touch with their people.

Again those popular MPs are media friendly. They know how to use the media effectively. When was the last time an Ashanti MP walked to a local FM station to say, “please give me an opportunity to address my people?”

Subin for instance has about five FM stations but ask yourself when was the last time the Subin MP willingly visited any of them to speak about the challenges confronting traders or simply to greet his own people? Asokwa!!.

When did Mama Pat pop in here to say “hi” to the people of Asokwa?

Most Ashanti MPs would rather prefer their voices are heard loud and clear on Joy or Citi FM because that is where they can talk big English.

What happened to Hon Kyei Mensah Bonsu, even though unfortunate, should be a lesson to them all. When your own people deny you, it’s God himself who has denied you.

In politics, the overarching word is the people, the people, the people……

I think the problem the people of ASHANTI have with the NPP government is not only inadequate infrastructural projects but a lack of pro-people MPs.

If you are an MP and you visit your constituency in a vehicle with a rolled-up tinted glasses so you can’t be seen then you’re not in politics.

BY Charles Brafo-Anakwah, News Editor of Wontumi Radio/TV

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