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Five days immunization campaign on COVID-19 rolled-out in Ashanti Region



The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate on Tuesday, 1st February, 2022  embarked on an Immunization Day Campaign with the aim of assembling the majority of the people in the region for Covid-19 Vaccination.

This Sub-National Campaign, the Health Directorate partnered with the Information Services Department in the region to embark on a 5-day familiarization campaign of various Metropolitan, Municipals and Districts across the Region starting from Wednesday, 2nd to Sunday, 6th February 2022.

According to Dr. Rockson Michael Adjei, the Deputy Regional Health Director in-charge of Public Health, the weekly recording cases pattern has drastically decreased in 2022 as he states the reasons for the accomplishment.

“We have witnessed consistently decrease in weekly confirm cases since the start of 2022 from 410 in week 1 to 8 cases in week 4. This accomplishment is as a result of increasing vaccination coverage and improved public adherence to the safety protocol.”

Dr. Rockson asserted that majority of Omicron infections has been recorded and its mulled among the vaccinated and very critical among the unvaccinated as he pleaded with the people in the region to take part in this Immunization Campaign.

“The Omicron variant apart from being highly transmissible, failed to acquire mutations that could make it more violent compared to Delta. Majority of Omicron infections were asymptotic disease especially among the vaccinated and severe and critical diseases have been recorded in most often among those who are unvaccinated or those with underlying conditions.”

The Ashanti Region as of 30th January 2022, has administered nearly 2.3 Million doses of Covid-19 vaccine with about 1.6 million persons representing 41.7% of the target have received at least a dose and 860,000 representing 22.4% are fully vaccinated.

The Government of Ghana through Covax and other diplomatic arrangements, has received additional vaccines and the Ashanti Regional has been allocated with over 400,000 doses.

The Deputy Health Director, again emphasized that the vaccines are ready and has been deployed to all the Metropolitan, Municipals and Districts within the Region for the immunization to begin.


“The vaccines has been deployed to all the vaccination centers across the region and we have increased personals and logistics to ensure all persons, 15 years and above including pregnant women get opportunity to receive primary or booster vaccination.”

He finally ensured that all the vaccines deployed in the region and Ghana as a whole have comparable efficacies and when taken won’t have any negative health implications.

All the vaccines have comparable efficacies and safety profiles and also offer protections against variants of the virus.”

The Regional case count as at 30th January 2022, stood at 22,286 with 21,867 recoveries, 381 deaths and 30 active cases with five on admission.

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