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6.5% of Kwabre East population fully Vaccinated against COVID19


The statistics available at the Kwabre East Municipal Health Directorate revealed that, only 13,032 been (6.5%of the total population of 200.000 people has been fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Opoku Agyemang – Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area at the launching of a five days NaCVADs,  on the theme, Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family Get Vaccinated Against COVID19 Now, stated that, the data also shows that, almost 6,000 (5,882)  of their pregnant women are yet to be vaccinated, as the Assembly is targeting at least 16,000 persons and more in the five days exercise.
Speaking with the media after the launching, he expl that, the government of New Patriotic Party (NPP) and His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo is bent on achieving the target by Vaccination Days of (NaCVADs) with the aim of attaining a Herd Immunity to protect all citizens of Ghana from COVID19 disease.

According to him, this would resolve the movement of health workers into the communities, work places and vantage points as well as their health institutions to administer the COVID 19 Vaccines.

He entreated the citizens to continue the observation of all safety protocols even after taking all their vaccination, adding that all citizens above the age of fifteen years are eligible for the vaccination exercise, as the door is open to all persons who have only one dose to take their second dose, while those who have taken the first and second dose of Astra Zecca, Moderna, Pfizer and Jansen and Jansen for more than three months can also take another dose as a booster to improve upon their immunity against the COVID19.

He stressed that, the vaccines are safe, effective and free of charge and must not pay any money to anyone to get vaccinated.

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