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From Blood Pressure Control To Eye Protection, Health Benefits Of Guava You Need To Know


Everyone is busy in present life. The whole day is spent in the office. Eating is not right. Not sleeping well. As a result, various diseases are nesting in the body. Blood sugar increases. Cholesterol is taking hold in the body. Diabetes, cholesterol and uric acid problems are now the distractions. If you don’t eat at the right time, eat healthy and exercise, you can’t get rid of the disease. Many people keep various types of fruits in their diet. In winter, oranges and apples are kept on the leaves. But don’t want to eat relatively cheap fruits. That cheap fruit is guava. Many people do not want to eat guava. But you will be surprised to know the quality of guava. So put one guava on a rose leaf. Why talking about guava? In fact, if you know about the many qualities of guava, anyone will start appreciating it.


Rich in minerals and vitamins – Guava has various nutritional properties. It contains elements like calcium, phosphorus. It also contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in oranges and lemons. That’s why many people buy it. But guava also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is very useful for the skin. Vitamin C is especially useful for dry skin in winter. Guava also contains antioxidants. Which increases immunity in the body.

Rich in fiber. Guava is rich in fiber. Eating guava improves digestion. Helps to keep the digestive process in order. Not only this, you will be surprised to know that guava is also helpful in controlling diabetes. The glycemic index of this fruit is low. As a result, keep guava on the feet of diabetic patients.

Anti. cancer guava contains phytonutrients called lycopene. The anti-tumor properties of this compound reduce the risk of cancer. You will be surprised to know that guava leaves are used in the preparation of cancer medicines.

Eyesight. Guava contains vitamin A. Guava is also helpful in improving eyesight as it contains vitamin A.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control. Guava is also effective in controlling blood pressure. This fruit can also reduce cholesterol.

Helpful for the heart. It is rich in potassium. Which is very useful for the heart. As a result, eating guava keeps the heart healthy.

Effective in stomach upset. Guava can fight against bacteria. If you have stomach upset, you will get benefits by eating guava. Can fight germs.

Constipation Remedy. Guava is very effective even if you have constipation problem. Fiber cleanses the stomach by eating one guava in daily diet. The fiber in guava improves digestion.


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