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Ghana needs total deliverance-Man of God says so




Mr. Joseph Kwame Anane, who describes himself as The Messenger of God has  said that, there is the  need for Ghanaians  to pray to deliver Ghana from the selfish leaders and the citizenry who indulge in so many criminalities and causes the lives of innocent soul before Ghana could prosper.

According to him, so many things have gone wrong both publicly and in secret ,the reason he said God has  turn his back to the country.

He noted that, the youth of today have gotten out of hands and can not be controlled by their own parents, the elderly and even not to talk of their teachers or lecturers on campus, because such a defiance started long time and left unaddressed.

He stated that, now students on campus are always in riots vandalizing schools and lecturers properties for any least misunderstanding with school authorities, and call for a punitive punishment for such students who get involves in the unnecessary riots and serve as a deterrent to others.

He also reminded the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to check the backgrounds of those affected lecturers whose properties and vehicles are been vandalized by the students whether they were not old vandals or old Kantanga boys who one way or the other ever led a demonstration or riots during their days on campus.


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