Glico Healthcare relaunches ‘Sunkwa Health Plan` for Diaspora Families




Glico Healthcare, a leading private health insurance provider, has announced the relaunch of its ‘Sunkwa Health Plan,’ which is aimed to offer a Healthline support system for families of Ghanaians living overseas.

The comprehensive health insurance product, with the tagline ‘Abusua Apommuden Nti,” addresses challenges faced by people in the diaspora and those with dependents in various regions of Ghana.

The plan which covers a broad spectrum of services, including general and specialist consultations, prescribed drugs, laboratory tests, X – rays, dental care, eye and optical care, and surgical and medical treatments.

Theme at the launch was “Ghanaians living in the Diaspora and the Care of the Family back home: The Role of Private Health Insurance,” the relaunch introduces an e – health App.

This App offers tools to manage and track health effectively, featuring symptoms tracking, medication and health history monitoring, and overall well – being improvement.

It can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or Apple’s , with secure access using client’s GLICO Healthcare insurance number.

Chief Executive Officer of GLICO Healthcare, Maame Afriyie gave the highlights that the Sunkwa Health Plan serves as a lifeline support system and provides a sense of security for families separated by geographical boundaries, Additionally, the plan includes a death benefit for

Our e – Health App provides convenient access where you can book an online appointment with a doctor or consult, view your e – Health history, she said.

GLICO Healthcare aims to increase its market penetration , currently standing at two percent in the country.

Nathaniel Kwame Coffie, Head of Sales at GLICO Healthcare speaking to the media, said the Sunkwa Health Plan’s ability to give peace of mind to individuals in the diaspora, eliminating concerns about sending unplanned funds.

“Our product serves the best interest of our client, When it comes to claims payments and customer service,.we are prompt to offer the best service to our customers…..Story by Bugbila Moadow.

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