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GUPS President Faces Impeachment


The General Assembly of the Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPs) has today filed for a petition of impeachment against their President, Mr Stephen Akwasi Acquah affectionately known as Mayor Calors.

The four pages petition which has received attention from stakeholders of the union details embezzlement and misappropriation of funds on the part of the national president.

The petition calls for accountability from the president and subsequently vacate his seat as the president of the union.

The petitioners have inherent jurisdiction to defend the integrity of the constitution
of GUPS and seek for its enforcement pursuant to Article5(1) of the GUPS

The petitioner invokes the explicit provisions of article 38 of the constitution,GUPS
to commence the impeachment procedure of Mr.Stephen Kwesi Acquah,the GUPS
President,for the stated misbehaviors as spelled out in Article37(a)(c) (d)and(e)
as grounds for which an officer of GUPS shall be impeached.

That Mr.Stephen Kwesi Acquah, since his assumption as President has not
submitted any program or project for the approval of by the General Assembly
pursuant to Article13(6)(b) and (c), yet have organized in the name of GUPS

The President must Under Article38 (6) the President must recuse himself
from duty and the Secretary proceeding to act in his stead to ensure that he does
not act in a manner that compromises the outcome of the proceedings.

Source: Murphy Asare

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