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Hon James Gyakye Quayson to lead NDC in Assin North By-election



For the avoidance of doubt, Hon. Quayson and his entire Constituency Executives are enjoying an extension of mandate for the next four (4) years, granted by kind courtesy of the National Executive Committee of the NDC!!!

Hon. Quayson has been a victim of a hanged Parliament, with the NPP doing everything possible to reduce the numbers of the NDC in Parliament. Their desperation makes me fear for the lives of our members of Parliament, especially in constituencies where the seats swing like Assin North.

With the help of a well- known State Agency, the NPP has been given an opportunity to “stage a coup.” But the strong will of the people will defend and stop this coup !!!

The only reason the NPP is so desperate to get a majority in Parliament is to pass the *AGYAPA DEAL, the last promise left for the President’s family to own the natural resources of Ghana for a minimum of 25 years*

I entreat all lovers of our democracy to support Hon. Quayson and the NDC, both in cash and in kind, to regain that seat. This support must be channelled through the proper party structure to ensure efficient deployment.

With the Kumawu bye-election experience, we know the IMF cash will be up for spending in the Assin North Constituency.
That is why all well-meaning Ghanaians must stand up to be counted in this campaign.

Nana Addo has turned this nation upside down. It will take you and I to redirect the course of this nation. There can’t be any better time than this. This is a rescue mission. We must do this together – light a candle, and keep your hopes alive – because there are better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun

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