I don’t subscribe to 31st December prophecies- Prophet Kofi Oduro



Founder and Leader of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, has categorically stated his stance on the accustomed 31st December prophecies by some men of God, saying he does not believe in them.

He made these statements when he appeared as a panelist on United Television’s flagship program ‘United Showbiz’ on Saturday, December 23, 2023.

The 31st night of every December is always bookmarked in Ghana as a night of prophecies. On such days, acclaimed men of God make pronunciations to some selected people who are basically prominent figures and celebrities in the country.

On the back of that, the man of God expressed his confusion about the kind of God who only speaks to his people on the last day of every year. He said it becomes so questionable for a “God” to wait until the last day of each year to give prophecies to his people, which, according to him, cannot be found anywhere in the Bible.

Prophet Oduro emphasised that one does not need just the last day of the year to make resolutions or assess and analyse themselves because each day within the year is a given opportunity for mistakes to be corrected and life amended.

According to him, he sees 31st December night prophecies by some men of God as a way of wanting their words to be configured to a certain time frame. He added that, to the best of his knowledge, God speaks to man every day and not during a particular period of the year.

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