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‘I have never taken ghc40,000 from Alpha Lotto limited for any purpose’-Razak Kojo Opoku


Razak Kojo Opoku Writes

Setting the records straight, I have NEVER taken 40,000ghc from Alpha Lotto Limited in the name of Fundraising for any Party’s campaign.

I dare and challenge the owner of Alpha Lotto Limited to provide evidence to support his bogus allegations.

I honestly think that, any person who would support the illegal Live Draws of Alpha Lotto seriously needs his/her head examined medically .

No amount of unsubstantiated allegations, and name calling would stop some of us from protecting the interest of NLA on behalf of Government.

A whole Regional Chairman of a ruling Party defending the illegal actions of a Private Lotto Operator against NLA which is owned by the Government. Very interesting.

I want to repeat here that I will not support the illegal Live Draws by the Alpha Lotto Limited at the expense of the state-owned National Lottery Authority (NLA). In the same vein, I urge all well-meaning Ghanaians not to patronize such illegality.

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