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I Want A Man To Get Me Pregnant And Leave, Ready To Pay Him Any Amount – Lady Begs Online


“’Im Sylvia, 42 years old accountant. I make a living very well but the man side I’ve never been lucky. In short, I don’t want to accept a romantic relationship with a man in my life anymore. I’m like so devastated.

But I’m getting old and I need to have a baby at least before I hit menopause. So there goes my worry. I want a man regardless of his social status.

Who just gonna get me pregnant and leave. We’ll do all the tests before he touches me. I’m paying for everything.

We’ll go to the notary and he will sign a contract to waive the child that will be born.

Real interested No jokers, inbox on page with your full photo, WhatsApp phone number, city of residence”, Dr. Sebastien Wanonkou leaks


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