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Kumasi Senior High Technical School Celebrates  SRC Week

Kumasi Senior High Technical School,one of the fastest growing senior high schools in the Ashanti region has celebrated it’s 2021 Student Representative Council  (SRC ) week.
It is evident that ,in every educational institution, starting from the second cycle institutions (SHS),SRC which is the abbreviation of “STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL” stands to be the mouthpieces of the student body of every institution. The students of KSTS have not been left out of such privilege to choose student leadership.
Therefore the SRC in KSTS thought It wise to do something in the interest of the students to prevent them from being dull by their constant focus on academic work.
As the saying goes,all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. The SRC executives of KSTS based  on the above extract organized  two days SRC celebration under  the Theme: ‘EDUCATION THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT.’
In as much as it was organized for the relaxation and entertainment,a little bit of education was captured in there . It was a Friday and a Saturday event hosted in the school premises (KSTS).
The students had a bite of education on the area of health, courtesy and safety.
 Madam Luvia Amankwaa ,Assistant headmistress domestics of the school handled the areas of health and courtesy while Mr Awuah Baffour Eric talked about safety.
Speaking to some students during the event ,they expressed their joy of being part of the program dubbed ‘EDUCATION THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT’.
There were a lot of performances from the school’s LG as well as the student artist.
Saturday, the 26th June was absolutely the day selected for the actual entertainment.
The president for the Ghana Muslim Students Association,Malam Hafis Adams gave the opening prayer before the commencement of the entertainment.
Capured on camera were the SRC executives being led by their president master Opuni Frimpong given an introductory speech of the program.
Miss Genevieve Too and Mr Stanley (MC) for the program. Invited guest included”Akete Mpeninsem”,Papa Kumasi,Zamani and a lot more.
The program was absolutely spectacular and mind blowing not leaving out the live band performances from the school’s live band group,not forgotten the ‘Animonyamfo)’ awards with categories such as face of KSTS, swagger king and queen among others which was given to the winners of the nominees of the categories. HENRY-Science Student,KSTS

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