Lawyer Blay Is Sekondi Constituency’s Hope



Sekondi Constituency in the Western Region has been a stunted constituency since the demise of Hon. Albert Bosomtwe-Sam,former MP of the area.

For the past 27 years, since 1996 under NPP MPs, the constituency has experienced stagnant growth despite having Ministers of state as MPs.

This picture only denotes the presence of wicked, selfish, and insensitive individuals who occupy the seat as MPs.

It is a cause of great concern that nothing seems to be happening within the constituency. The rate of unemployment among the youth is alarming, and the rise of social vices, such as gambling and prostitution, is at an all-time high. Additionally, there is a severe lack of infrastructures like markets, schools, hospitals, etc.

The problem is overwhelming, and the incumbent MP appears to be indifferent to these crucial issues.

The people of Sekondi have suffered for more than 27 years and continue to suffer. It is said that doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different outcome is foolish.

The Constituency is seriously in need of immediate help, and the time for true change is now.

The selfless, visionary, hardworking, and integrity-driven leader who offers hope for Sekondi Constituency is Hon. Lawyer Armarh Nyameke Blay.

Lawyer Blay is determined and highly committed to ensuring victory for NDC, especially for the constituents, and to restore Sekondi’s name to its proper perspective.

Now is the time for the people of Sekondi Constituency to enjoy good governance, development, employment opportunities, and prosperity.

With the support of Hon. Lawyer Armarh Nyameke Blay, the future looks bright for Sekondi, as they will experience improvements in healthcare, education, employment, and overall developmental activities.

Let’s rally behind Hon. Lawyer Armarh Nyameke Blay for a better and brighter future for Sekondi Constituency. Together, we can bring about positive change and usher in an era of progress and prosperity.

By: Abraham Dadzie

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