Marriages Are Not Working Because We Pay More Attention To Our Phones Than Our Partners- Expert



One common scenario in relationships is when individuals fail to give their spouses or partners their undivided attention during private moments. Instead, they become engrossed in their phones, using them as a distraction to alleviate their nervousness. Unfortunately, this behavior has led to the downfall of numerous relationships and marriages.

Blessing CEO, a relationship expert, highlights that many marriages struggle nowadays because couples prioritize their phones over their partners. Okoro Blessing observes that young people no longer fight for love as they believe it can easily be replaced by their phones.

She points out the concerning trend where individuals go out together but remain absorbed in their phones, neglecting the purpose of spending quality time and engaging in meaningful conversation. Even during meals, they are preoccupied with their devices, resulting in a lack of interaction with their partners.

Okoro Blessing expresses her concern about people seeking negative news or gossip on their phones, including stories about infidelity. She questions the importance of such pursuits and urges individuals to give their partners the attention they deserve, rather than constantly relying on their phones.

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