Marry more than one woman if you want to live long -Rev. Meshack Aboh



Rev. Meshack Aboh, a devout clergyman, firmly asserts that there is no inherent wrongdoing in the practice of polygamous marriage. According to him, a Christian does not transgress against God by taking more than one wife.

Rev. Meshack Aboh’s confident proclamation was made during his appearance on the entertainment program “United Showbiz” aired on UTV.

Challenging conventional biblical interpretations that denounce polygamy, he highlighted that it is the influence of the Western world that has ingrained in Ghanaian Christians the belief that polygamy constitutes a sin or that it is morally unacceptable for an individual to marry multiple wives.

The religious leader, who openly acknowledges having entered into matrimony with two wives, unambiguously stated that embracing multiple wives is a validation of one’s later years.

“If you want to live long, marry multiple women”, he insisted.

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