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Men Only:Here Are 3 Ways To End An Erection


Having an erection is a natural physical experience, but it can be uncomfortable if you get one at an inopportune time. Meanwhile is usually the best option, you may be able to alleviate your discomfort by focusing on something else, hiding it, or taking a warm shower.

1.Relax, or instead use your anxiety to your advantage.



Remember, seemingly random erections are normal and no reason for concern, and odds are that no one has noticed anyway. Take a few deep breaths, and keep calm. Worrying about your erection can cause you to focus even more on it and make it more difficult to end. That said, anxiety can actually be to your benefit in ending an erection. Stress causes a “fight or flight” reaction in the body, which includes the redistribution of blood towards the arms and legs. The sympathetic nervous system is also involved in erections. Drawing blood away from your genitals can help end your erection. So, the best advice may be not to worry about having an erection, but don’t hesitate to worry about other things that can distract and deflate your problem.

2.Take a seat.



When you sit, the fabric of your pants naturally bunches up around your groin, making it harder for others to tell the bulge of an erection from a crease in your jeans. Sitting allows you to darken your groin with your legs as well. Pulling your legs together or crossing your legs makes an erection even harder to see. This tactic should give you time to let your erection shrink naturally. Sitting down also gives you more options for concealing your erection. If you’re sitting at a table or a desk, for instance, you can pull your chair closer to cover your crotch. You can fold your hands in your lap.

3.Try a warm bath or light exercise.



While taking a cold shower is often considered the way to “cool off” raging sexual desires, a warm bath can actually provide a soothing, comfortable environment that may bring your erection to a faster conclusion. Light exercise, such as walking on a treadmill or simply aerobics, can also help provide distraction and a change in blood distribution. These alternatives are often used as initial efforts to end a possible case of priapism, in which the pooled blood becomes trapped in the shaft of the penis. If you have an erection that lasts for more than four hours for any reason, seek medical attention immediately. If not treated quickly, priapism can lead to permanent damage, including but not limited to erectile dysfunction.

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