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NLA to Grant 5/90 Lotto Short Codes to New Companies And To Destroy All Lotto Kiosks of Banker-2-Banker Lotto Writers



From the sources at the Procurement Department of NLA it is emerging that by the end of 31st December 2022 or 1st quarter of 2023, the National Lottery Authority(NLA) would give new 5/90 Lotto Short Codes to companies belonging to Kennedy Agyapong, Alpha Lotto and a very close relative of Nana Bediatuo Asante.

The business moguls of NPP are giving intense pressure on the Management of the National Lottery Authority(NLA) to speed up the process for new 5/90 Lotto Short Codes as 2024 is fast approaching and a lot of money is needed for campaigns.

Stakeholders such as CLAAG, LMCS and the owner of Lots Services Ghana Limited are not happy about the way and manner the National Lottery Authority(NLA) is handling the affairs of the National Lottery Authority(NLA). According to the Lotto Stakeholders, there is deliberate attempt by NLA to destroy the businesses of CLAAG, Technical Service Providers while promoting the business of Cabals aligned to the New Patriotic Party.

Meanwhile, CLAAG Leadership has registered their displeasure over the conduct of NLA demolishing the Lotto Kiosks of CLAAG Members across the country all because of the evil agenda of NLA to Grant 5/90 Lotto Short Codes to Kennedy Agyapong, Alpha Lotto and Relative of Bediatuo at the Jubilee House.

CLAAG members are going to petition the President over the conduct of NLA Management against them.

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