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‘Order Hopeson Adorye To Apologize For Insulting Muslims’ -NPP Chairman Tells Hon Alan Kyeremateng



The Minister for Trade and Industries Hon John Kwadwo Alan Kyeremateng, has been asked to order a leading campaign member for his presidential bid to apologize for insulting muslims in the country .

The Second Vice Chairman for Suame Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Richard Asante, describes
the tribal comments from Mr Hopeson Adorye, as irrational and unreasonable which seeks to Perpetually downplay the intellects of muslims.

Speaking to the media in Kumasi, Mr Asante, noted that for Mr Adorye to state that muslims are politically destined as running mates in the party amounts to insult against the muslim community therefore Hon Alan Kyeremateng popularly known as Alan Cash to bring him to order to avoid soiling his campaign to lead the party.

According to the Vice Chairman, the ruling party can never break the eight to win 2024 presidential election if all Muslims in the country decide to vote against the party.

Such comments, Mr Asante, said if not handled well, it will make upcoming campaign extremely difficult for the grassroots since Muslims might have felt being insulted.

Mr Asante therefore called on the National Executive Committee of the party to put mechanisms in place to discipline Mr Adorye to deter others from making such reckless and unthoughtful comments in future.

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