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Pay particular attention to good transportation services; Participants at Ghana Infrastructure Conference urge government



Participants at the third Ghana Infrastructure Conference in Kumasi have been exploring best practices in transportation infrastructure development to accelerate socio economic growth. It was to enable them exchange novel ideas, share professional experiences and research advancements in the field of infrastructure planing under the theme “The role of sustainable transport and and infrastructure in Africa “.

It was co-sponsored by the Ghana transportation professionals Forum, The Ghana Institute of Engineering and the Regional Transportation Research and Education center KNUST Kumasi.

Speaking to Journalists in an interactions, the president of the Ghana Institute of Engineers
Prof Charles Thomas Adams expressed grave concern over the rate of pedestrian knock down and motor cycle related fatalities on Ghana ‘s roads partly due to lack of good transportation services, bus rapid transit (BRT) systems and non compliance to basic rules as well as bad road network hence the need to find some lasting remedy to the situation.

He emphasized the need to do away with the rhetoric and prioritize the BRT system if the nation is to move forward.
Prof Adams gave the assurance that the B R T system would not affect the operations of “trotro” .
What needs to be done according to him is for government to support them to renew their fleets as being done in other jurisdictions.

Meanwhile Prof Lesley Mills a volunteer for Ghana National Professional Forum noted that good transport system can revive the nation’s economy.
He observed that Ghana is over dominant on road and that it’s time attention is shifted to rail and inland water transport to help reduce pressure and reduce congestion on our roads

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