Psychologist reveals what your car colour says about your personality



When you pick a car, you aren’t just picking something you think will look nice and be practical.

According to a colour psychologist, the colour you pick signals certain aspects of your personality

Your chosen car colour says a lot about you .

When you buy a car you’ll no doubt be considering things like make and model, as well as price. But colour will most probably also factor into it, as you’re making a statement about yourself to the world.

According to a colour psychologist Sophie Dear man, the colour car you pick actually says a lot about you as a person. On behalf of the International Drivers Association, she said: “Every colour has a psychological message behind it. While not everyone who drives a black car is seeking power, nor every red car owner is a rebel, our preferences do often mirror aspects of our personalities and values.

“The diverse palette of car colours in the UK is a reflection of the nation’s multifaceted character. As varied as the colours are, they come together to form a vibrant mosaic of the British motoring landscape, each colour telling its own unique story about the person behind the wheel.”

Here she explains what the colour of your car says about you as a person.

Black: Elegance and Power

You’ll no doubt see many black cars on the road – in fact it accounts for about 20% of all vehicles. According to Sophie, those who choose a black colour usually have a desire for power and control. She added: “It can also reflect a taste for elegance, sophistication, and a timeless appeal, aligning well with the British reputation for refinement and class.”

White: Purity and Optimism

White is the next most popular colour on the road in the UK, and reflects qualities such as purity, simplicity, and optimism.

Sophie added: “White is considered fresh and modern, and choosing a white car may suggest a forward-thinking, innovative spirit, in sync with the cutting-edge technologies and progressive thinking Britain is known for.”

Grey: Practicality and Responsibility

Another popular choice for a car is grey, which is the sign of someone who is practical and responsible.

Sophie added: “In the sometimes dreary British weather, grey cars tend to hide dirt and grime well, an advantage for busy people who prioritise function over showiness. This colour may reveal an understated, reliable personality, aligning with the British stereotype of a ‘stiff upper lip’.”

Blue: Calmness and Stability

If you have a blue car, apparently it means you are likely to be calm and stable.

Sophie added: “Choosing a blue car might indicate a relaxed, peaceful temperament and a preference for consistency and reliability. It’s a classic choice that can denote a certain kind of tradition-loving individual, a characteristic that the British are known for valuing.”

Red: Energy and Passion

Red is a less common colour, but it’s a vibrant and bold choice which may signal that the owner has “dynamic energy, passion” and a “somewhat rebellious spirit”. According to Sophie, a person who owns a red car could be seen as “willing to stand out from the crowd” to make their own way.

This reflects “a portion of the population unafraid to break from the classic British reserve”, Sophie added.

Green: Harmony and Balance

Green isn’t a common colour for a car, but those who pick it are likely lovers of nature, being at harmony and in balance.

Sophie added: “The British love for gardens, parks, and the countryside can be reflected in the choice of a green car. It’s a nod to the environment and perhaps a statement of one’s commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness.”

Yellow and Orange: Optimism and Creativity

Yellow and orange are other colours that aren’t often spotted, but can suggest someone who has a “cheerful, sunny disposition and creative spirit”, Sophie explained.

Someone who has such a brightly-coloured car is also likely to be “extroverted, fun-loving, and possibly a bit eccentric, in line with the British penchant for quirky humour and originality”.

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