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My attention has been drawn to an audio recording whose content is widely speculated to be that of the suspended District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bosome Freho, Yaw Danso on one hand and an unnamed person on the other hand conversing.

I must say I have only become aware of this audio after my return from outside the country.

However, I have taken notice of a portion where a name, E.K Agyeman is mentioned by the person who many allege is Yaw Danso with a claim that I had promised to offer him a sum of GHC 15, 000, and some percentage in my mining operations.

By this release, I want to make it clear that I, E.K Agyeman have neither discussed,  offered or promised any monetary assistance, and a weekly percentage of gold or cash to the person on the audio.

A meeting at my Lawyer’s office mentioned in the audio was only to settle an issue of threat and encroachment of illegal miners on the concession.

Records at the Minerals Commission show that i have a permit to work as a Large Scale Mining Company and I am engaged in a legal activity at the Bosome Freho Community by name Minti.

But I have on no occasion engaged anyone in my lawful and legal operations in the area to take or offer any monetary assistance as claimed on the audio which has gone viral. Neither have i mined myself or  have started mining.

As a legal and licensed small scale miner operating in the country for over three decades I am fully aware of my responsibilities and I have diligently done so to the satisfaction of the Minerals Commission who gave me my license.

I must say that I have for all these years carried out a massive social responsibility programs and projects in the communities I work including connecting the Amadaa Community to the national electricity grid. And a 3 Class room School block with office, dinning room and bore holes for Mpatoam. And some other projects in other communities at various stages of completion.

Several police stations and communities in Ashanti during the COVID-19 outbreak received massive assistance from my outfit. Bosome Freho District Assembly during last year 2021at the Farmer’s Day also received a donation from our company.

Having won several awards in the Mining Field and famously acknowledged by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as many reputable award organising outfits including the Ghana Chamber of Commerce, the Ghana Chamber of Mines, I am committed to continuing in my clean and sustainable mining activities as well as to support communities I work in.

I am therefore urging the public to treat the claims on the audio which has a name like mine being mentioned with the contempt it deserves and to disregard any linkage to me participating in an illegality.

Mr E.K Agyeman, CEO of EK Agyemang Mining Company.

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