Relief items stuck at South Tongu Assembly over lack of money for fuel – DCE



The District Chief Executive (DCE) of South Tongu, Seth Kwesi Agbi, has stated that the lack of funds to purchase fuel for the transportation of relief items for victims of the Akosombo dam spillage in the area is the reason the assembly is still holding onto the available items for the victims.

Over the past few weeks, the South Tongu District Assembly has retained relief items intended for the victims of the Akosombo dam spillage in the district.

During an interview on Monday, the DCE acknowledged that the items were available, but all efforts to transport them to the victims had been unsuccessful due to the inability to raise funds for transportation.

“We have items at the assembly, but there is no money to hire a car for delivery. That’s the fact. We need money to fuel the car and send the items to the victims,” he stated, adding, “I have been calling the VRA and NADMO for relief items, but as of today, I have received only GH₵20,000. We have spent that amount already, but the items are available. We need financial support to transport them.”

Mr. Agbi, however, told Umaru Sanda Amadu in an interview on Eyewitness News on Citi FM that the Assembly had cars but lacked the funds to fuel them for transporting the items.

He appealed to well-meaning organizations and individuals to come to their aid to ensure that the items were delivered to the victims.

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