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Remove LGBTQ from laws of Ghana-Man of God to gov’t

Mr Joseph Kwame Anane, an Evangelist has cautioned stakeholders and for that matter government of Ghana to remove the LGBTQ from the laws of the country to enable us as a country to see the face of God or we forget it and continue facing the economic hardship.
According to him,practising  LGBTQ in a country brings curse to the country and for that matter, it’s a taboo in the face of God to practice or even making it as a topical or national issue for discussion.
He entreated the legislature not to mention it in Parliament to the extent of discussing it either or not to accept.
He disclose that, if the citizenry especially the youth could desist from abortion for the country to criminalized the act of abortion, we would see the face of God in the country with all the natural resources yet its citizens are suffering.
Mr Anane, also underscored that, the legislation must pass a laiw to
strictly enforce in criminalising perpetrators of defilement, adding that, any relative or family member make an attempt to intervene in cases related to defilement must also be prosecute as the law may implies.
He throw a challenge to every cities, towns and community members especially stakeholders to be on guide against any fetish priest who would attempted to come and settle in the community to operates.
He disclosed that, he together with the team uprooted and dislocate a fetish popularly know as ”Kankan Nyame that was brought to Ghana from Guinea in the 1960s by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the first president of the republic, which is spiritually changing its name in the form of a different form or person physically and want to comeback to Ghana, hence looking for a place to settle.
He entreated Ghana citizens to be up and doing in other not to give the ‘Lankan Nyame in other not to send the progress of the country back in the 21st century.

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