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Sanitation Ministry most useless ministry ever-ASEPA



The Sanitation Minister have been running her mouth lately concerning the ASEPA Ministerial Performance Tracking Report that ranked her Ministry as the worst performing Ministry in 2019.
It turns out, we are NOT the only ones who have noticed the redundancy of that Ministry, as today the former President of the Republic John Mahama also made a very true observation about how Accra has become the dirtiest city in West Africa.

Indeed the City is more dirtier now than before and the Minister keeps shifting blame on the Ministry of local government as the Ministry with the supervising responsibility.
But that cannot be a justifiable reason why Accra should be the dirtiest city in the sub region.
The President promised us of making Accra the Cleanest City in Africa and we shall continue to hold him to account.

Sanitation is at the crust of the health of a Nation and the health of a Nation is the wealth of the Nation, so you joke with Sanitation you joke with the health and wealth of the Nation.

Let those responsible for keeping our cities and environment clean have this at the back of their minds, and let we the citizens also live up to our social duties by keeping our immediate environment clean.

Together let us keep this Nation Clean.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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