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“I can make Accra the cleanest city in Africa within 90 days if given the opportunity”-Broadcast Journalist


Solomon Kwabena Nana-Ansah broadcast journalist in Kumasi has said in his latest post that, he can make Accra the cleanest City in Africa if giving the Mandate in other to do away with the national canker the country is wallowing in.
He said if the government in Power will grant him his request as a tool to carry out his operation then sanitation issues will be a thing of the past in other to reduce disease and infections filth brings about in the country.
He added, the government has created many avenues to curb the situation but it seems nothing has been change and we still find sanitation issues as problem and a cause to financial loss to the State. I have tried to interact with the Kumasi Mayor, Hon. Osei Asibey but to no avail and he now thinks that President has to know as it is one of his core mandate to fulfill before he lives power.
He concluded, as a journalist he knows the ways of the people and how they live their lives and how they wish a leader can lead them to get rid of current situation. “I will not rest till I see the whole Ghana clean and sane.

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