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Saved By Spiritual Interpol:Rev.Obofour Escapes 25 Years Jail Term In New York City

Francis Kwaku Antwi,(Rev.Obofour) , Founder and leader of Annointed Palace Chapel was nearly  jailed 25 years in New York City upon his arrival at the JFK international airport, Apostle David Ansong has said .
Apostle David Ansong is a Canadian based Ghanaian man of God who traveled by air with Rev.Obofour from Kotoka International airport to New York City few days ago.
According to Apostle David Ansong, widely known as Spiritual Interpol ,Rev .Obofour was detained for three hours at the JFK airport in New York upon their arrival at the airport for reasons he failed to tell the media during the engagement.
He hinted that, Rev.Obofour was afraid when he was invited by the police and had wanted not to appear before them in their office but Apostle David Ansong encouraged him to go and that nothing would happen to him which he did.
The spiritual man of God revealed that he sat in  a plane with Rev.Obofour to New York and after the plane had zoomed before gathering momentum to space he had a vision where number ,25, had been written on the forehead of Rev . Obofour but refused to tell him when God gave the revelation.
Adding,he kept praying to turn the misfortune that would have happened to Rev.Obofour whilse they were onboard .
Apostle David Ansong told the press that,when they arrived at the JFK airport , immediately Obofour was arrested so it came to his realization that the number’25’ that was written on the forehead of Rev.Oboufour was a jail term .
” Soon I realized that ,I went on my knees
Prayed continuously for solid one hour with my attire soaked with sweat to save my brother in Christ.
It wasn’t easy for my colleague at that particular moment and for that matter I needed to save him through prayers so I tried my possible best prayed and spoke to God and was granted permission to leave the airport to his intended destination.”He revealed.
Apostle Ansong further indicated,if he had not listened to the voice of God like Rev.Obofour would have served 25 years jail term as the number, 25,revealed to him was the number of years Rev.Obofour was going to serve in prison.
He however told the media that it’s about time people pay attention to the voice of God.
Stressing that ,when God reveals miracles happen and as a man of God he will continue to propagate the true gospel in this difficult times.
He said,his visit to Ghana is to preach the gospel to the good people of Ghana so that the word of God is impacted to those who serve the living God.

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