Stop using over -the -counter eye drops -Public advised



An optometrist, Dr. Frederick Otabil, has appealed to people with various eye problems to avoid buying and using over-the-counter eye drops and drugs to avert worsening their conditions.

He said eyes were sensitive, and advised people experiencing severe eye itching, tearing, discharge, pains and blurred vision to visit health facilities for examination and treatment.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the sidelines of an eye screening exercise held at Abesim, near Sunyani, Dr. Otabil urged the public to take advantage of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which covered eye related problems.

He advised the public to take advantage of that to go for regular eye examination as it was dangerous to apply any eye drop without diagnosis, saying doing so could thereby affect the eyes.

Eight fun clubs in the town came together to organise the event, and sporting activities including indoor games, with more than 150 residents benefiting from the eye screening exercise.

They comprised Youth for Action, Dormaa Unity, Abesim Parliament, Friends of Progress, Sunday Special Presby Park, Sunday Special L/A Park, Komkom Sunday Special and Yaanom Yaanom Fun Clubs.

Dr. Otabil, an optometrist at the Sunyani Municipal Hospital said it was recommendable for everybody to go for regular eye examination, saying that would enable people to know their various eye conditions and protect themselves from defects.

“The eye is a sensitive part of the body which we must not joke with because any extreme condition could lead to blindness,” he stated, and advised the public to avoid dust and other allergies and take proper care of the eye.

Dr. Otabil said early detection of eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma and allergic conjunctivitis could be managed or treated, and advised people who experienced abnormalities of their sight to visit health facilities for medical attention.

Mr Kingsley Kusi Appiah, a leader of the Youth for Action Fun Club told the GNA the sporting games were also aimed at helping to strengthen unity and social cohesion in the area and appealed for support to sustain it.

Many of the young people in the area had football talents and called for assistance towards unearthing and nurturing those talents, saying football remained a lucrative business now and could create jobs for the youth.

Trophies, medals and undisclosed sums of money were presented to the fun clubs which featured in the sporting activities.


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